Great Wisdom was delivered by my great and best friend from middle school, high school, into college years and thereafter! Continue allowing the Lord use you!

Living to Please God
1 Thessalonians 4:1-18
(Letters from Paul)
E. Marcel Jones
CSMBC Bible Study

I. God is pleased but wants more and more.
a. Never content
b. Never finished maturing as a Christian
c. In what ways have you grown spiritually since this time last year?

II. The whole purpose of your walk is to please God, not yourselves.

III. Christ, not Paul, commands us to be pure, because it’s God’s Will
a. God’s will is our sanctification (to be set apart)
i. if our sexual behaviour is no different than those who don’t know God, then we are not sanctified.
b. His will is for us to maintain our sanctification/holiness in honor
John 17:15
1 Corinthians 5:9-13
1 Peter 2:11-12
c. His will is for us NOT to take advantage of others (rob wives, children, future spouses- of their virginity)
d. So, He issues a military command from high ranking officer (Jesus) to subordinate.

IV. The Greek word for sexual immorality is “Porneia” and it’s broad enough to capture ANY sexual act outside the marriage covenant-WOW!!!!

V. God gives marriages great sexual liberty within marriage. But, satan attempts to corrupt this liberty and convince couples to go outside the boundaries of marriage.

VI. Paul commands believers to be pure because it’s God’s CALL
a. We’ve been called to a lifestyle and lifetime of holiness.

VII. 3rd reason- Paul commands believers to be pure because it rejects God
a. To refuse purity, is to reject God, not man

VIII. 4th reason- Paul commands believers to be pure because we’ve been given the Holy Spirit
a. The Holy Spirit is your resource for victory-OMG!!!!! Can I say that again!!!!?


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