No Ordinary Love

Trennie L. Williams

Message Delivered during Christ Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church Praise and Worship Service on Sunday, January 22, 2017

So many times, most people barely embark the surface of love. That’s probably because everyone has their own personal definition of love.

What is fair to say? Typically, love is described based on physical, emotional, and sexual attraction. These things make the world go in a tailspin. These natural reactions to attractions are not enough to sustain and build successful, positive and true relationships.
Statistics show that such ordinary loves are extremely temporary. Love, in a natural sort of things, is short-lived. When manipulated, worldly love leads to short-changed efforts to rid the greatest of all things from your life and mine.
The Way of Love is far above natural imagination. Described in original text as charity, and the Greek word “agape,” true affection is “that reasoning, intentional, spiritual devotion such as is inspired by God’s love for and in us.” You cannot speak your way into it just by making a bunch of noise. Neither can anyone power their way by having prophecies to understand mysteries, and faith to move mountains. Nor should anyone try providing for the poor. Even a self- burning sacrifice gains nothing to behold eternity. None of these things should take place without the agape. 
Only God’s love in me, and you, provides ultimate benevolence to everything and everyone, including divine conviction and joyful salvation. I consider my family is an example of love. Because of His divine benevolence we overcome life’s challenges. True love allows salvation that surpasses all things. Love makes family God’s strongest battle formation, withstanding any evil attack that would otherwise steal, kill and destroy our lives and souls.
“This Is Us” is a television serieswith millions of viewers who relate to family and life matters. Each episode takes a journey of three children from birth to the facets of adulthood. The triplets, minus one plus one, experience amazingly good and not-so-perfect situations. Love and family, however, reigns. 
There is a family of words to help explain the power of love. In single words, Love provides: endurance; patience; kindness; contentment; trust; understanding; modesty; humility; submission; graciousness; politeness; morality; respect; righteousness; innocence; esteem; restoration; pleasure; integrity; goodness; virtue; decency; honesty; uprightness; selflessness; care; forgiveness; warmth; gentleness; generosity; truth; rejoicing; belief; maturity; knowledge; faith; hope; conviction; and salvation. 
God is love. There is no doubt about where true love originates and continues forevermore. The point, though, is Heavenly Father’s commitment to share His love to the masses of people so we can do the same: Share God’s Love to the Masses. 
One of my favorite songs illustrates the substance of love. The group Commissioned, in 1989, released their “Ordinary Just Won’t Do” album and its title track gives light to what love really means. Take a moment to listen to the sweet melody as you consider and establish a new love that shall only be found in Christ Jesus. With some added flare, take a look at this mime performance to the tune Commissioned’s glorious hit. While you’re looking, listening and singing, be sure to raise your hands in the air, give God praise, and show love to the Lord because He first loved you.
Remember this: Nothing shall separate you from God’s extraordinary love. 


The Bible, 1 Corinthians 13:1-13

The Bible, Romans 8:29-39